How To Get Started In The SEO Industry?

Many people ask me how I got started in SEO. Well at some point I got the idea into my head that it must be possible to build an online business and if I could just start a business that made me around £200 a week then I could continue my acting training whilst earning some money at the same time.

So one evening I started typing in variations of the keyword “How to start a business online” in Google.

Now this was back in the day when Google Adwords was not as strict as they are now and there was plenty of Google ads for “Home business” type stuff, so I started clicking the ads one by one.

After a while I came across two different adverts from two different people promoting the same business opportunity.

MyInternetBusiness basically consisted of a massive library of over 7000 products that you had complete resale rights (software, videos, audios, eBooks), a full training back office (an online membership site), and holiday packages that you could sell.

I sat in awe as watched the videos of these two guys who were promoting MyInternetBusiness log into their merchant accounts where they were showing days where they were earning up to $4995 with just a few hours work.

Of course, I only needed to earn around £200 a week so in my mind I was thinking “If this guy can earn $4995 in a day then I must be able to earn £200 in a week”.

So after watching a few more videos and researching the best search engine optimisation agency in London some more I decided I was interested and I was prepared to pay the $2995 sign up fee to start my own business.

I sent an email to one of the guys who was only about 27 at the time so he was only a few years older than me (I was 24 by this point).

He didn’t reply.

This should have been a huge red flag right there, but I needed to learn how to build a business of my own so that I could pay for my acting training so I decided to sign up anyway.

I paid the $2995 to join the business opportunity.

As soon as I had signed up I sent him another email.

After I sent the email I waited…

I waited some more…

I did a bit more waiting…

I didn’t hear back from him.

After trying several times to contact him for help on what to do I realised I probably wasn’t going to hear anything.

So I had just spent $2995 on a business opportunity and had no idea what to do to make any money from it.

I realised that a lot of people we using these adverts on Google to sell stuff so I started buying courses all about how to use Google Adwords efficiently.

I can remember one night I loaded up my campaign with about 500 keywords and then let it run. An hour later I had spent around $300 dollars and had not made a single sale.

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